What is a private session like?

You will probably book an appointment with Lilian Kluivers because you have a question. Maybe you want to improve your health, or feel better in your body or ground better.


At the first appointment, Lilian asks a lot of questions to form a good picture of your personal energy pattern. She also feels your wrist and looks at your tongue and face. These are means to understand the language of the body and to determine which meridians should be supported.

Allow energy to flow

After the diagnosis, Lilian invites you for a treatment or practices Do-In with you to get the energy moving.
She gives you tips on nutrition, Do-In and lifestyle.
With any follow-up appointments, she discusses your progress and supports you in this process.

Individual Do-In program

It is possible to receive an individual Do-In program based on the consultation. You will receive this lesson written out on paper, and if desired on MP3, by e-mail.

Digital consultation

If you cannot travel to Leiden, a digital consultation is possible. Depending on your question, you will have video (Skype) or mail contact.

Astrological consultation

Astrological 5-element consultations are digital consultations, in which you receive your own personal report with tips based on your date of birth and possibly current life questions. These consultations are based on Nine Star Ki, a Japanese astrological system.