What is a private session like?

You will probably book an appointment with Lilian Kluivers because you have a question. Maybe you want to improve your health, feel better, ground better, or you feel the need to connect better to your Tao, your life's path.


Lilian offers online consultations. After booking a session, you will have e-mail contact to clarify your question. Lilian will ask about you and your life and will need a recent picture of your face and tongue. These are means to understand the language of the body and to determine which meridians should be supported.

Allowing the energy to flow

After the diagnosis, Lilian will give shamanic healing and reading (not live online) which will help to get an even better idea of your energy pattern, and to understand how you can connect to your life force energy even better. "Soul loss", for example, is a shamanic principle, which means that somewhere in your life - often during painful or traumatic experiences - you've lost a part of your life force energy. These "soul parts" may be retrieved through healing. This will improve vitality. You will receive an audio recording of the healing.

Besides this, she will describe Do-In exercises and acupressure points. And gives tips on nutrition, lifestyle, and tips based on your astrology. You will receive these in pdf.
With any follow-up appointments, she discusses your progress and supports you in this process.