Late Summer Acupressure - part 3: Spleen 3

Spleen 3 “SUPREME WHITE”: power, grounding, and balance during transitions.

The physical effect of Spleen 3 is that it dissolves mucus. It, therefore, supports the functioning of the Lungs, the meridians associated with fall and closely connected to the Spleen meridian. Spleen 3 ensures that life energy ki flows in the right direction. Spleen 3 is the source point as well as the Earth point on the Spleen meridian. It thereby establishes a connection between the inherited energy from the ancestral line (the jing, or prenatal energy) and the energy that you create during your life (the postnatal energy). It, therefore, has a reinforcing effect on the Spleen energy and the overall energy level.

Emotionally and mentally, Spleen 3 helps to get out of your head. It gives peace of mind and ensures that you are in the here and now.

Spleen 3 centers spiritually, so that you are in contact with yourself. In addition, it provides peace and balance during transitions; both the transitions between the seasons and the transitions between different phases of life and situations.

Location: on the side of the foot, just below the knuckle of the big toe.

Application: Massage the point daily for two minutes or until you take a deep breath. Hold Spleen 3 while stretching: for example, place your fingertips on Spleen 3 when you bring your heel to your buttock to stretch the front of your leg - where the Stomach and Spleen meridians run.