Acupressure for winter - part 3: Kidney 3


A point that gives an overview, focus, more concentration, and healing.

Kidney 3 strengthens the energy in the body physically and can thereby give strength to the posture (sitting or standing), but also to the self-healing capacity, for example with complaints that show "dryness" such as red eyes or sore throat.

All meridians have so-called element points, which harmonize the relationship between the relevant meridian and another element. Kidney 3 is the Earth Point on the Kidney Meridian. Mentally it has a stabilizing effect. For example, when you massage it when feeling restless or anxious, it ensures that there is room for your ratio (Earth element) so that peace returns. Kidney 3 also enhances memory and concentration.

The inner peace and the connection with the mind give room for reflection. As a small retreat where you can view daily life from a distance, Kidney 3 can also help answer spiritual questions, such as: do I do what I want to do? Does my ambition match my energy level? Like a dam, "the big mountain stream" regulates irregular water streams into a stable stream, a clear direction in life. And when needed, it releases spare energy.

Location of Kidney 3: between the thickest part of the inner ankle and the Achilles tendon.

Application: Give gentle pressure or circular massage to this point with warm thumbs. This can be done through the fabric of your socks so that your feet stay warm - even in winter. Kidney 3 combines well with Heart 7 "Gateway to the Shen", which connects with clear consciousness. You can read more about Heart 7 in the article about acupressure in the summer. You can download this on the Do-In Academy homepage