Summer Acupressure - part 3: Heart 7

HEART 7 “GATE TO SHEN”, an acupressure point to strengthen your stability and awareness.

The physical effect of this tsubo is that it relaxes the heart. It soothes thoughts and calms the respiration.

Emotionally it gives stability. Suppose that you have exam anxiety, or you do not feel comfortable with the company you are in, then a massage of Heart 7 provides strength and tranquility.

Spiritual: As the name of the tsubo indicates, it is a "gate" for "Shen". By "Shen" in Chinese Medicine, we mean the consciousness on different levels. Including the awareness that regulates all processes in the body. Shen needs inner peace and emotional stability. If there is stress or unrest, Shen is cannot settle in the body. As a result, you lose energy, you become even more restless and you suffer from insomnia and tensions. With Heart 7 you invite Shen to its "home", the Heart. This allows you to relax, feel both feet on the floor, get a clear awareness, overview, and energy for self-healing.

Location of Heart 7: On the inside of the arm, on the wrist pleat, in line with the little finger.

Application: Massage this area, or place the tip of your thumb on Heart 7 during meditation. Notice that your respiration becomes deeper and more slowly and that you easily get in touch with inner silence. The name of this acupressure point contains the word "gate". A gate or door must be well oiled in order to function well; with Do-In you harmonise this gate when you turn the wrists, stretch the wrists or open and move them in a different way. These movements can be compared to lubricating the hinges of this important door and in this way getting in touch with your spirit.