Grounding meditation for the Earth element

Do you need to relax completely? Or do you seek inspiration for meditation at the end of your Do-In or Yoga class? The following meditation works centering, grounding and relaxing. It is also a wonderful meditation to do right before you go to sleep.

You can hardly feel it here in the Netherlands, but according to the age-old Chinese agricultural calendar, from this week till the 21th of June the energy of the summer will rise in the northern hemisphere. Transitions - whether this is between seasons or between other phases - are confusing for our energy system. It takes time for the body to adapt. The meridians that help you with this are those of the Stomach and Spleen, belonging to the element of Earth. These meridians run at the front of the body. When you massage them, stretch them or follow their pathway in a visualization as described below, you feel calm, centered and powerful.

Grounding meditation for the Earth element

Lie down in a comfortable position. Lay your legs straight on the floor, with your feet slightly wider than hip width. If your back feels sensitive, bend your knees. Place your feet slightly wider than hip width, and let your knees rest against each other. Place your arms along your body with your palms facing up, or place your hands on your stomach. Relax the tip of your tongue to your palate.

Close your eyes. Fully relax the muscles around your eyes. Let your eyeballs float motionless in the eye sockets. The eyes are very mobile parts of the body, so it can be difficult to relax them completely. But set the intention to release all the tension around your eyes. Also relax your cheeks, corners of your mouth and your jaw joints. Take the time to relax these areas. Often the jaws are tensed. Let this tension flow away with every exhalation. You may notice that this also makes it easier for other areas to relax. For example, you may notice that there is more room at the edge of the skull when the jaws soften.

Bring your attention to your neck and relax your neck. Relax your collarbones. Allow the collarbones soften and sink to the ground. Perhaps note that this gives you more breathing space.

Bring your attention to your chest. Feel the space between the ribs. There are small muscles between the ribs that support the breathing movement. Sometimes there is some tension left behind, so now set the intention to let this tension flow away completely with your next exhalation. Lower it to the earth. Give space to your lungs and heart with this. And perhaps notice that your upper back also relaxes.

Feel your belly and relax your abs. Also relax the space behind your abs. You may feel or even hear some gurgling if you allow your organs to relax so deeply. Aloow this, it is a sign that you have released tension and that circulation is improving. Let your respiration flow to your pelvic floor, so that it massages all the intestines. Relax your groins and the area around your pubis. These are also areas where you can hold tension, so take the time to release this with your exhalation.

Bring your attention to your thighs. Let the large muscles in your thighs soften, let them melt. Relax your knees too. You may notice that the backs of your knees are closer to the ground when you relax your knees completely. Relax your shins, your ankles and insteps. And finally relax the toes.

During your inhalation, visualize the flow of your energy to the tips of your toes, let yourself be nourished by the invigorating energy from the air. And during your exhalation visualize how everything you no longer need leaves the body with the old air. Continue breathing like this as long as you want.

When you want to complete this meditation, bring your attention to your lower abdomen. This is the center of your body. Feel the movement of your breath here. Take an extra deep inhalation and exhalation. Move your fingers and toes. Turn your ankles and wrists. Stretch your arms along your ears. Bend your knees to your chest and roll over your back from left to right. Roll to your right side and lie down for a while until you feel that your body is used to this position. Push yourself up to a sitting position. Bring your palms together in front of your heart. Smile from within.