Journey along to the Eagle!

My children's book with meditative power animal stories is out! When I trained as a shaman, working with power animals felt like a playful enrichment - an additional way to understand the language of body, mind and spirit.

As a result of my new experiences, I told my daughter Niya power animal stories before going to sleep that guided her on a journey to them. She reacted so enthusiastically and felt supported by her new power animal friends! Other children loved the journeys as well and asked for more. One thing led to another and now there is this beautiful children's book, with drawings made by my daughter. Writing the book was an amazing journey in itself. Now, the I book is released and can fly out into the world - I hope the stories make many readers sparkle! Do you want to Journey Along to the Eagle? The book can be ordered on amazon, or by sending me an email. A nice Christmas gift! order on amazon