Do-In is a wonderful, relaxed combination of exercises – often known from yoga – self-massage and breathing techniques. These exercises strengthen your energy and improve your immune system. Do-In could be freely translated as “energy flow from the centre” and is in zen traditions also used as a preparation for meditation.

The beauty of Do-In is that it encourages people to really feel their body and take responsibility for it. Lilian encourages her students to remain within their own comfort zone and always to listen to their own body; lessons and workshops are therefore suitable for all ages and bodies.

Do-In exercises are closely related to therapies such as shiatsu and acupuncture. The stretching and massage work on the energy pathways (meridians). This relaxes muscles and improves circulation and releases toxins from our body. Plus you get, because of the attention paid to breathing during the lesson, a calm mind, body and spirit.

Lilian offers

  • Talks and workshops at conferences.
  • Group classes and workshops (see Agenda);
  • An individual program. Consisting of one appointment. In this appointment we focus on stiffnesses, complaints and coaching questionnaires. On that basis, Lilian proposes an individual Do-In program that you will receive as a personal MP3 audio class. €95
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Shiatsu treatment during pregnancy
  • Teacher trainings.
  • Want a workshop or class in your area? Mail or call me to discuss the possibilities.

Do-In Academy

Moving through oriental wisdom -home study course under close guidance. Or on location when invited.
Do-In Academy is an education in Do-In and nutrition according to oriental medicine. This education consists of three levels. Students living in Holland are invited to attend the yearly classes in Leiden. Students living elsewhere are offered a home study programme under the supervision of director of Do-In Academy, Lilian Kluivers.
The first level focusses on embedding the wisdom from eastern medicine in your daily life using Do-In practice and nutrition. This is a wonderful course where you get to know a lot of Do-In exercises, are introduced to the most important acupressure points, learn to understand the working of the meridians and know how to work with them yourself. Also you will understand how your food affects your energy balance. This home study course consists of nine so called chapters and supervision hours. In addition you will work on short essays as a way of examination to help you deepen your understanding.
In the second and third level your understanding of oriental medicine will go deeper, you’ll learn more exercises and get a deeper understanding of the working of Ki, the Five Elements, the meridians and the curious vessels. Also, from the second year on, you’ll learn to share this knowledge as a teacher.
Please take a look at www.doinacademy.com


Join us for two relaxing Do-In classes on YouTube.

In the media

Lilian writes regularly for international magazines about Chinese medicine, such as Yang Sheng.

Lilian’s e-book Do-In, Tao yoga for health and energy is available in English on Milinda.nl (€14,95)
Also the DVD with two Do-In classes in English is available on Milinda.nl (€14,95 per DVD or €7,95 as digital download).
Lilian also wrote a book about Do-In and pregnancy.

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